🦀☺️🙋🏽‍♀️ hi I’m Hope and this is my b

Hope Major

Hi, I'm Hope. You've probably seen me steaming crabs at the trailer or posting about crabs on our Chesapeake Crab Facebook page, or even running around the gas station parking lot wearing a big red crab costume. I guess you can consider me the operations manager of Chesapeake Crab as I manage all on-site activity as well as the marketing and advertising and accounting. Chesapeake Crab is owned by my parent's marina, Kent Point Marina, located on the Eastern Shore at Kent Island. I love to ensure that my customers not only get what they want but way more. I want everyone to have a great experience every time they visit us. It is my main goal to provide the best quality, most affordable price, and with the best attitude! 



Cyle Major

This is my little brother Cyle. He catches all my crabs for me out of my parent's marina (Kent Point Marina, in Stevensville MD). He drives a big blue boat and pulls about 900 crab pots. Cyle is one of the youngest watermen in the Chesapeake Bay. He wakes up every day at dawn to go out on the boat and always brings back great crabs.  After a long day, Cyle returns to the marina with his boat full of crabs and then packs them up in the truck to drive all the way across the bridge, up Ritchie Highway to deliver to me at the trailer. It's easy to say, we would not be who we are as a business without Cyle and his crabs!